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Why is a website devoted to the single greatest sporting event in the world. When you bet the Super Bowl, you’re not alone. Every year, untold amounts of money are wagered on Super Bowl bets. Your money. It’s just one game, but not just a game. A lot is at stake. It’s not just who is going to win. It’s also by how much. And how many points will be scored. Who’s going to score first and how. How many yards will be gained through the air and on the ground and by whom. Who’s going to be the Most Valuable Player. Event events outside the game proper. Who’s going to win the coin toss. Which song will open the halftime show. And so on and so forth. You’re not just betting on the Super Bowl.

You’re betting on every single aspect on which it is possible to lay a bet. And that’s why we’re here. To help you get all your bets straight. Or multiple. That’s because there are straight bets such as moneyline, point spread, totals, and futures. And there are also multiple bets, like parlays and teasers. Speaking of which, this is just a teaser. However, you’re welcome to dig deeper into our website to find out more on how to bet the Super Bowl. For example, let’s say you’re looking for the best Super Bowl odds.

The odds are the probabilities each NFL has of winning the Super Bowl. The smaller the number, the better chances a team has and vice versa. On the other hand, the bigger the number the more that team would pay off. The New England Patriots are a pretty safe bet. As such, you wouldn’t be making much more money than you’re betting. The Miami Dolphins, conversely, are a long shot. Should they win the Super Bowl, their backers would hit the mother lode. And while that’s not impossible, it is highly improbable. Odds do change, though. If Tom Brady was injured or retired, the Pats would not be as heavily favored. As a result, New England’s odds would be update, as well as several other teams’. Visit us often to always be up to date on Super Bowl betting odds.

You also have your prop bets. These are bets for which insightful knowledge of the game is not exactly needed. For instance, a coin toss is a 50/50 proposition. It doesn’t get much more basic than that. But it does help to know about them. Here on our website we’ll do our best to unearth the most obscure prop bets out there. And maybe even suggest a few of our own. Like, will footballs be properly inflated this year? Well, maybe not. The point is that prop bets are a fun way to bet the Super Bowl.

And last but definitely not least, online sportsbooks. Betting websites are like movie franchises. Sometimes the original is the better, like (est. 1993). Other times newer ones are hit with younger audiences. And also like movie sequels, there are boatloads of them. Way too many. There is also no one sportsbook that’s one size fits all. Nonetheless, there most like is one – or a combination of a few different ones – that’ll fit you like a shoe. It all depends on your personal circumstances, needs and tastes. For example, all sportsbooks offer bonuses. This one has bigger bonuses than that one, but that one has quicker payout times. Maybe you like to get your winnings sooner than later. Maybe you don’t mind waiting, if it means enjoying other perks.

And so it goes for every facet, from deposit methods to customer service. A single person cannot be expected to sort through all of this. Especially on their dime and on their clock. After all time is money, and money, well, it’s also money, which is not nothing. We’ll take the time and invest the resources for you. And then we’ll present you with the best sportsbooks from which to choose. And then, it’s your call.

Super Bowl LV Betting Odds

Teams Odds
Arizona Cardinals +5000
Atlanta Falcons +4000
Baltimore Ravens +590
Buffalo Bills +3000
Carolina Panthers +8000
Chicago Bears +3000
Cincinnati Bengals +10000
Cleveland Browns +3300
Dallas Cowboys +2000
Denver Broncos +6000
Detroit Lions +6600
Green Bay Packers +1550
Houston Texans +2000
Indianapolis Colts +3500
Jacksonville Jaguars +10000
Kansas City Chiefs +520
Las Vegas Raiders +3300
Los Angeles Chargers +2500
Miami Dolphins +10000
Minnesota Vikings +3000
New England Patriots +860
New Orleans Saints +1200
New York Giants +5000
New York Jets +5000
Philadelphia Eagles +1400
Pittsburgh Steelers +2500
San Francisco 49ers +860
Seattle Seahawks +2000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +4000
Tennessee Titans +2500
Washington Redskins +10000