Does X mark the spot for you to bet the Super Bowl? Chances are you have never done any Super Bowl betting at After all, they are a relatively new kid on the block. However, as far as NKOTBs go, Xbet is more like bad boy Donnie Whalberg. As opposed to clean-cut, everyman Joey McIntyre. And also like a boy band, this website may be older than its name and look seems to imply. According to their website, their staff includes “some of the most experienced, highly skilled online gaming professionals in the industry”. They’ve not only “pioneered online gaming itself” but “influenced the evolution of social media marketing as we know it today.” You’ll find a lot of this at Xbet. A lot of boasting and posturing and bragging. A lot of self-aggrandizing and myth-making seldom heard outside of hip-hop and pro wrestling. 

And like pro wrestler-turned-yoga-guru-slash-motivational-speaker used to say, that’s not a bad thing, it’s a good thing. As long as they can back up their claims. And that’s what we’re here to find out. To establish whether or not betting on the Super Bowl at Xbet is a smart move. For starters, they do have very competitive odds. Perhaps the best Super Bowl odds? 

Furthermore, you can place at least two types of Super Bowl bets. There is the obvious alternative on wagering on which team is going to win. But you can also gamble on who isn’t going to win the Vince Lombardi trophy. The best part is that all bets have action; regardless of whether the team makes it to the Super Bowl. That is some weird, wild stuff. I did not know that. Additionally, there is the possibility of betting on possible Super Bowl matchups. Surely more ways to bet the Super Bowl will be added as the big game approaches. 

So far, so good. Now, it’s a given that this is not Casino Night at your local elementary school. We’re using live ammo, not blanks. By which we mean money, moolah, dead presidents, kablingy, Benjamins, and so on and so forth. Banking methods at Xbet are your standard fare. So much so that we could even go as far as take that aspect as read. What’s not so run-of-the-mill is something they call Customer Level. There are four customer labels; newbie, bronze, silver, and gold. Every level has a minimum and maximum amount per transaction. As well as a daily, weekly, and monthly deposit limit. For example, your maximum amount per transaction as a newbie is $500, but as a gold customer it’s $1500. 

We don’t know about you, but all this newbie stuff makes it sound like Dr. Cox is running this website. Which, again, would not be a bad thing; it’d be a good thing. Maybe this is Xbet’s “collective vision … to redefine the gaming industry.” As well as their way of “re-imagining of what the perfect gaming website would need to offer.” The whole thing seems a little too needlessly convoluted. On the other hand, this is one of two places where you can rise a notch or three above your boss. The other place being The Stonecutters. Other than that, Xbet offers quick and SSL-certified secure online payment methods. 

They also offer live betting, which means that you could in theory wait until the last minute to bet the Super Bowl. Or even after the last minute. Live betting is usually capped at $500, and, unless work an agreement with the company, $1,000 is the maximum betting option. Then again, if you can afford to nonchalantly bet one grand, betting limits are probably not your chief concern. In fact, you may find limits, bonuses, and offers to be on the modest side of things. However, Xbet has enough pros to justify giving them time to put their money where its mouth is.